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Vision: 5 & 10 IN 2023

Within 5 years from 2023, GML will support at least 100 domestic and international agricultural import and export businesses. GML will become a reliable Logistics partner of at least 100 domestic & international partners.

Mission: Providing logistics solutions for COST OPTIMIZATION, FAST AND EFFICIENT.

GML’s mission is to provide logistics solutions for COST OPTIMIZATION, FAST AND EFFICIENT. Accompanying customers with 2 mottos:
“The world is your marketplace, we’ll help you reach it.”
“We’ll take care of the details, you take care of your business.”

Why does GML set this mission?

The covid 19 pandemic has made us realize the value of our COMMUNITY SERVICE mission. With that realization, along with the burden of Logistics costs that export businesses are having to bear, we set the MISSION of GML as above with the hope to make a small contribution to the recovery of the business. domestic & global economy. Desire to create a better life for the community.

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