Retail freight rates are always a concern of many Vietnamese and foreign enterprises. GML is proud to be the leader in the field of consolidating retail goods with the most competitive prices.

GML has a lot of experience and efforts to become partners to provide customers with optimal shipments that are shipped with the most reasonable price.

Over the years, GML has become the partner of thousands of Vietnamese businesses, transporting millions of retail shipments around the world with regular schedules every week. Many customers have chosen to stick with GML for many years and become our close partners.

GML provides LCL consolidation services at major ports of Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong, Da Nang …) and transports to major ports in Asia, Europe, America and Australia and vice versa. We link with reputable agents around the world to help care and track your orders more conveniently and easily. Besides, we also provide package delivery service (door to door) and two-way customs clearance to help you save time and resources.

GML always maintains reasonable and competitive LCL freight rates and regularly has many attractive incentives depending on the route, with the goal of giving you the most benefits possible.

Contact us immediately for specific and quick advice on retail shipping service.

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